Food processed in air fryers can cause cancer??? The truth is………


Let me tell you the result first.


The rumor was first based on a piece of news that ‘ carcinogens were found in South Korea’s air fryers after heating.’ The carcinogen mentioned in the news is acrylamide.

It is true that food cooked in the air fryer can produce acrylamide, but that does not lead to the conclusion that it causes cancer.

First, acrylamide is not a specific product of the air fryer, but is the result of the ‘ Maillard Reaction ’  .

 The so-called Maillard Reaction is a complex non-enzymatic Browning reaction that occurs between carbon, water and protein in food at 140°C and 170°C. It gives the food a slightly charred effect and brings an attractive color and flavor.


Whether it is fried, baked or braised in brown sauce, as long as it can reach this temperature, Maillard reaction will occur, and acrylamide will also be produced.


Second, there is a lack of evidence that acrylamide causes cancer.People have found in animal experiments that acrylamide has carcinogenic effects when consumed at ultra-high dosages,

but there is no unified conclusion in human studies. The World Health Organization said ‘it is difficult to set a safety standard because we do not know whether it is carcinogenic or at what concentration it is carcinogenic ‘.


At the very least, even if there is a slight risk, the air fryer is safer than deep-frying or roasting, because it is easier to control the cooking temperature.




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