Fry pan baking pan DJFPZ

pots and pans set kitchenware covered saucepan casserole saute pan with assist handle fry pan baking pan non-stick coating Machine washable kitchen accessories cookware jumbo cooker household restaurant B2B wholesale Can be customized 1.5qt 2.5qt 3.0qt 4.0qt 5.0qt 6.0qt 8.0qt 8″ 9″ 10″ 11″ 12″ Gauge 2.5mm

2.5mm aluminum body, 0.5mm 430 S/S full disk, 1.8mm aluminum disk, 4.8mm V-bottom. The product has the superior ability to even heat, durable aluminum efficiently distributes heat throughout the base and walls of the vessel. Thermal stability, impact-bonded base controls fluctuations in cooking temperatures, providing more even heat throughout the cooking process, stands up to intense heating and cooling without warping.

Heat Resistant Color Top Coating


Heat Resistant Color Premier Coating

3003 Aluminum Alloy, Divided into  Premier, Mid Coat, Top Coating

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