Rotisserie Roast Beef


For 4 People


1(2 lb.) eye round

3 cloves garlic

2 sprigs thyme

1/2 tbsp, salt

1 tbsp, onion powder

1 tsp.ground fennel

1/2 tsp. ground black pepper

2 tbsp, olive oil


  1. Chop the thyme and Mix the thyme garlic, salt, onion powder, ground fennel, ground black pepper; and olive oil together in a bow to make the herb mixture.
  2. Rub the roast with the herb mixture and refrigerate for 1 hr.
  3. Place the Rotisserie Shaft through the center of the roast Secure the Shaft with the
  4. Pace the shaft into the Air Fryer Oven, Touch the Power Button and then the Rotating Button and increase cooking temperature to 00°E200°C and the cooking time to (35 mins) to begin the cooking cycle.
  5. Cook the roast to the desired doneness us a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature.
  • Rare: 125°F/ 50°C ・Medium rare: 135°F7 60°C
  • Medium: 145°F/65°C Well done: 165°F/75°C

Let the roast rest for 10 mins before slicing.

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